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Hannibal – by Royal Enfield Sydney

Our Flat Track inspired Scrambler earned the moniker Hannibal by feeding on it’s own kind. Rolling on massive Dunlop DT3 flat track tyres Hannibal turns on a dime and glides through corners. The aggressive rubber didn’t fit under the rear guard, so we bobbed it. It didn’t fit under the front guard, so we chucked it. The front fork tube covers didn’t clear, so we clipped them. Minimalist mirrors mounted atop the handlebars keep it narrow and make it a natural lane splitter. The front running lights were repurposed as turn signals that glow bright with LED. A stronger chain was a must. A performance muffler helps this beast growl and the RAM-FLO 300 air cleaner lets it breathe deep. Bullet tail light and turn signals finish off the bobbed rear guard while the rego is best served on the side. The unsprung Classic 500 solo seat is comfortable but says “I’ll go it alone” Tidy, trim and tucked. Hannibal has everything it needs and only what it needs. No Frills, No Plastic and No Compromises.

Bike: Hannibal
2016 Royal Enfield ‘Custom Bike Build Off’ competition.
Dealership: Royal Enfield Sydney
336 Paramatta Rd
Burwood NSW 2134
PH: 02 9715 7354