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Rough Cut – by Royal Enfield Sydney

Royal Enfield Sydney are proud to present “Rough Cut” our customised Classic 500. Don’t let the name fool you, the only thing rough about this bike is the hand ground and polished metal fuel tank, guards and side cover. Clear coat over the bare metal enhances the finish. It refracts light to catch your eye and your heart. The short rear guard hugs the chunky Dunlop K180 and the led taillight compliments the lines nicely. All of the electrical components were relocated and the side tool boxes removed. A RAM-FLO 300 air filter is a beautiful and functional addition. The engine covers were painted black. The Hooligan muffler has a gentle upsweep and is met by hand wrapped header pipes. The headlight is clean and neat with the running lights converted to turn signals. New handlebars are finished with round bar end mirrors. Functional, serviceable and beautiful. This is no museum piece; Rough Cut is made to be ridden.

Bike: Rough Cut
2016 Royal Enfield ‘Custom Bike Build Off’ competition.
Dealership: Royal Enfield Sydney
336 Paramatta Rd
Burwood NSW 2134
PH: 02 9715 7354