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Rumble Fish – by Motociclo

Built in the traditional spirit of ‘less is best’, this chrome C5 was stripped back to the bare essentials and evolving into a street rat chopper. Finding sporadic time slots in between our heavy workshop schedule was already a challenge, Luke’s only instructions was in supplying a list of parts and items he required us to order to undergo his creative inspiration. But rummaging through the backrooms and old boxes of ex-smash repair/ old warranty parts/ and old customer parts etc, Luke went scouting for inspiration. With the occasional welder and grinder in-between hammering, ‘Rumble Fish’ was gradually created. With a header from a GT Continental coupled with a 60’s cocktail shaker muffler, the rear guard from a Heist 250, Avon vintage ribbed Speedmaster 3.50 at the front, and a 130 cross section Dunlop TT100 GP at the rear, & modified and customised chain guard to suit. Rear shocks removed and replaced with modified and lowered struts. Can’t remember where the fuel tank came from – only that is was some previous unfinished project. (sorry if your reading this and notice it’s yours). The seat is original C5, another one that the cover still kept peeling off after a few repair attempts, so one way to fix it for good was rip it all off! -then some customising to allow airing of your cheeks (the rust was non intentional, but we let it go anyway). Air flow is through a K&N pod, and engine breather, old 70’s Triumph custom highbars with Amal single throttle and vintage switch gear. The complete front brake system was removed like ól skool rebellious style, unfortunately deeming the bike unroadworthy – not to mention no indicators and tiny tail light that was originally an indicator, but he did leave the horn – just in case… Needless to say, we are still waiting for that list of parts needed to order to undergo the project…
Bike: Rumble Fish
2016 Royal Enfield ‘Custom Bike Build Off’ competition
Dealership: Motociclo
95-97 Princess HWY
ST Peters NSW 2044
PH: 02 9557 7234