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‘Dr. No’ | Fast Fuel Motorcycles | Albury, NSW

Fast Fuel Albury – ‘Dr. No’ GT 650 Twin Cafe Racer

Albury is a funny old town. Less of a destination and more of a place that’s in between things, it sits on the border of Australia’s two most populous states. On a good day, the place would have more people pass through it than actually live there; to call it ‘bustling’ is probably to understate things dramatically. So it goes without saying that getting around the town is crucial to most residents, but it’s also fair to say that there’s now one resident that seems to be doing it in a lot more style than everyone else.

Meet Lincoln Smart, owner of both Albury’s Fast Fuel Motorcycles and it’s best ever cafe racer, this custom and clearly stunning Royal Enfield GT 650 Twin made for the latest instalment of the brand’s Busted Knuckles Bike Build-off. “The 650 Twins are a whole new ballgame for us,” says Lincoln. “It’s not exaggerating to say that our customers just get on with them and fall in love. That’s all I have to do to sell them. Once they ride one, they’re in the market for a new bike even if they aren’t!”

Lincoln’s original plan for the build was to make a cafe racer they’d call the Meteor, “But Royal Enfield revived that name recently, so we realised that we’d have to come up with something else. It was still going to be pretty much the same bike you see here.” In its first stages, Linc was set on a classic cafe racer build. Having never done one before, he figured it was well overdue thanks to the recent revival of the genre. “I also wanted it to be done using modern coatings, but in classic 1970s colours.”

The body kit is from C-Racer in Greece and before it even went on the bike, Linc was at it to make it more closely fit the image of the build he had in his head. “It had a brake light incorporated into the tail piece, but we really wanted that to be sleek, so we modded the plastic to get that minimal look we were going for.” The exhaust was obtained locally but in an interesting twist for the bike’s overall look, the supplier heard Linc’s drag pipe idea and then turned it on its head by insisting that the racer have something more unique and higher up. Needless to say, they sound fantastic too.

And to finish off the partnership trifecta, Mitch from 74 Works was the brains behind the bike’s beautiful finishing – namely the gold Cerakote – that adorns much of its quality bits. “It’s one of the coolest coatings we’ve ever used,” gushes Linc. “It’s pretty much indestructible and you can even apply it to a nut and bolt and they will still go together without jamming or damaging the finish.”

As a build base, Linc says the 650 twin platform is really great. “We got to do a lot of things to the bike that we haven’t been able to do before, purely because we’ve never had the need to open them up. They are pretty much bulletproof. And if you are doing a custom build, they are a real leg-up in terms of the bike’s bones. The job’s that much easier because you are starting with a pretty good base and the motor’s design is over-engineered which is underrated in this day and age.”

“I hope that when people see it, we’ll get a good response. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into it and I think that when it’s your own baby, you’re probably never sure if it looks any good objectively. But whatever the case, I hope that it inspires people to customise their own 650s. Nothing we’ve done here is really rocket surgery; we kept that in mind to make sure people could do something similar themselves.”

Ever humble, Lincoln’s rocket surgery quip belies the fact that what he and the Fast Fuel team have created here is nothing short of amazing. Riffing off on the GT’s genuine cafe racer heritage, they’d struck gold but figuratively and literally. He’s hoping they take out the top honour in the comp for 2022.

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