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‘Regency’ | MotoMAX | Perth, WA

MotoMax Perth – ‘Regency’ Interceptor 650 Twin Scrambler

Those who have been lucky enough to have visited the city of Perth in Australia’s South West will no doubt notice just how the desert environment there sets the tone for the city. Like Los Angeles, it really defines the whole place with it’s amazing weather, dry climate and numerous great beaches. It’s also lucky enough to have those amazing ocean sunsets that the rest of the east coast cities miss out on. And just like Los Angeles – a real moto mecca for the sport of scrambling – access to offroad riding opportunities in Perth is not exactly lacking.

So when Perth’s MotoMax Royal Enfield dealership decided to put their hand up for the new 2022 Busted Knuckles Bike Build-off for local Aussie and Kiwi dealers, their choice as to what style of custom build they were going with was not really rocket science.

A Royal Enfield dealer since 2015, business owner Ric Steele says making a scrambler out of the new Interceptor was an obvious choice thanks to the bike’s factory riding position and handlebars; it’s also a bike who’s heritage can be traced all the way back to the California surf and sand culture of the late 1960s thanks to its popularity with the west-coast surfers of the time.

He also wanted to do something very different from the bespoke, track-only 650 GT race bike they built for the same competition two years ago. “We took the exact opposite approach this time,” he says, in opening. “We really wanted it to be something that customers could build for themselves with parts that are off-the-shelf. So nothing too crazy.”

Impressed by the Interceptor’s classic, easy-to-use feel, he says that for the most part all he has to do to sell the bikes is to get people to ride them. ‘They tend to fall in love with them, so it’s an easy sell,” says Ric. “In fact, this one had a new owner even before we finished the build!” The very slick paint scheme the bike features was chosen by the customer to match his company’s own brand colours.

Starting with the basic premise of a classic scrambler-style build that was to have a set of Himalayan front forks and tyre, the entire Moto Max team got in on the build, making sure that it ticked more than a few boxes. “We tried hard to make it look as clean as possible, but it also has some really nice little details, too,” notes Ric. A quick inspection will reveal a bash plate to protect the sump, new indicators, a handmade seat and a super cool bates-style headlight.

And then there’s those pipes. “They look great and the sound they make is probably my favourite part of the whole build,” he smiles. “It really transforms the bike’s character, as well.” Conversely, there were very few surprises from the rest of the build. “We’ve done so many customs like that that nothing really surprises us any more. Also, this is a real testament to how Royal Enfield designed and built the original Interceptor; you really do get the impression that they made a conscious effort to ensure that customisation was as easy as possible for the bike and its owners.”

‘And although we’ve built plenty of road-biased scramblers in the past, This isn’t one of them,” says Ric in closing. “It’s a true off-road bike and we want it to get dirty. It’ll be tested off road, too.” Of course, with that Himalayan front end and the beach genes already in the bike’s blood, there’s little doubt that it will excel here, and thanks to Moto Max, it’ll look cool while doing it.

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