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‘RevElation’ | Revelry Cycles | Sydney, NSW

Revelry Cycles Sydney – ‘RevElation’ 650 Twin Salt Racer

Love makes people do some pretty crazy things at times. For regular joes, expensive gifts, flowers and bad poetry are par for the course. Or maybe you’re a ‘public displays of affection’ type who’ll perform a love song you wrote yourself? Whatever the case, it all sounds a bit cringy doesn’t it? Well for Will and Santina Keith – the husband and wife team at Sydney’s Revelry Cycles – they seem to have taken this love thing to a whole new level.

The decade-old dealership began selling Royal Enfield’s in 2014. Veterans of the moto industry in their home country of America, they brought their A-game down under. They also have a list of handmade bikes that’s getting database long, including a recent 10-second Enfield 650 Twin drag bike.

“From that build we realised that the 650 motor is totally over engineered,” smiles Will. “For a bike that’s so user-friendly and has such a broad appeal for so many riders, it has a forged crank and an incredible robustness, too. We’ve done some crazy things with it and we’re yet to find its limits.” 

Originally, the couple had been toying with the idea of a custom trike for their Busted Knuckles Build-Off bike, but after a night watching the famous ‘On Any Sunday’ film, they started throwing around the notion of building a salt racer bike to set a land speed record with.

But the bike had to be built first and what a huge job they’d set themselves; where do you start when you’re aiming for nothing less than the world’s fastest Royal Enfield? “How do you eat an elephant?” says Will in response. “One piece at a time, that’s how.” And so the build commenced with some 3D modelling magic to ensure that it would not only be up to the job, but so it would fit Santina down to the last millimetre.

 Think a tailored suit is fancy? Now imagine if that suit could set a land speed record. The frame was built from scratch and when Santina describes it as ‘an exercise in perfect geometry,’ you know she’s not overstating things. It’s a masterclass in form following function, too, and that’s because when you’re screaming over the salt at 270 kph, you want everything to be just so.

Once the frame was built, the even tougher job of filling it full of go-fast goodies commenced. At the heart of the beast would be a Royal Enfield 650 Twin engine, but as you may have already guessed, this powerplant is far from stock. “I can’t tell you the specifics, or I’d have to kill you,” jokes Will.

But eventually he did give up a few tasty morsels. Running on alcohol while also having nitrous oxide on board, the engine’s capacity has been increased to 960cc with an S&S big bore kit and a stroker crank. There’s also a fancy throttle body set-up made by Revelry themselves and a pneumatic shifter. And note the free-flowing heads and the very loud custom pipes.

“I think of it as a token of Will’s affection,” says Santina. “It’s like a love letter in metal,” she says, with a broad grin on her face. Will’s a man who clearly knows the way to his wife’s heart, but what will he get in return for all his hard work? “I think that the moment we see each other after the record-breaking run will be pretty special,” glows Santina.

Of course, the Busted Knuckles entrant you see here is only in phase one of a process that will ultimately see it prepped for an Aussie salt world record as soon as the Rain Gods abide. Watch this space.

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