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“Double Tap” by Royal Enfield Sydney

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Drag RAcer

About the Custom Build

Purposeful, fast and considered and tested. Double Tap is serious about race day.The traditional style of a pro drag bike, the stripped down look and wheelie bar leave no question about what she is here to do – WIN!

We came here to do 2 things; chew bubble gums and win races and we’re all out of bubble gum.

Builder Profile

After years of sponsoring race teams with other riders Santina decided that she was ready to jump in the seat and run down the track herself.  Will happily agreed that he would build her a worthy bike. With the recent arrival of the 650 Twins they knew they had the perfect foundation bike to build a competitive drag racer.  Not doing anything by half Will went all out and started designing the ultimate machine. He sent his measurements to Trac Dynamics so they could use their expertise and machinery to build a supreme swing arm.  He pieced together a dream list of specialty parts from S & S Cycles, Beasley Composites, Pingel, Mickey Thompson, RC Components, ICS, Wilwood, and a plethora of local sourced bespoke items like exhaust and intake components.  Sydney Custom Spray paint took concept to reality with the beautiful custom colours of the fuel tank. Then 100’s of hours were spent behind the lathe, grinder, drill and welder to build detailed mechanisms to knit all the parts together beautifully and efficiently.