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What is Dust Hustle?

Dust Hustle™ is just about good times for people who like to party on whatever rig they ride. It’s a legendary crew of dirt flirt enthusiasts, some radical riding gear & Australia’s biggest ‘inappropriate’ ride days. So naturally Royal Enfield sent a small crew to see how much dirt we could kick up under the Brisbane sunshine.

Royal Enfield Crew

It’s natural to think that this would be an ideal setting for a group of customised Himalayan and Scram motorcycles, and that assumption would be correct. However, some riders chose to demonstrate the durability of our modified Continental GT 650 and Interceptor 650.

Josh Farrell

Modified Interceptor 650


Josh has been riding motorcycles since before he could crawl and was sliding them through dirt before he could walk. As the owner of an equestrian farm, Josh utilises his daily trips between paddocks and stables to practice various stunts such as wheelies, endos, jumps, skids, slides, and donuts. No wonder he’s earned the title of King of Dirt 👑.


John Farrell

Modified Himalayan Flat Tracker


Josh’s impressive talent may leave you wondering about the source of his knowledge and skill. But it’s no secret, he gets it all from his dad, John Farrell who is a kind and experienced dirt racer who is always ready to lend a hand. He took part in this year’s Dust Hustle to share some of his dirt racing expertise with younger riders.


Jacinta Siracusa

Modified Scram 411


Jacinta, aka “Moto Doll” online, fearlessly embraces her unique identity and loves to throw some dirt on the race track when she gets the chance. She fearlessly pursues new adventures, setting an example for others to follow.



Modified Scram 411


It’s common knowledge that Deena is a masterful producer and an enthralling performer at music festivals. But what people may not realise is that she’s also an incredible racer, leaving her competitors in the dust with her impressive skills on the track.


Vincent Brosnan

Modified Continental GT 650


Vinny, much like Josh, has been riding motorcycles before he could walk. Fearlessly confident, Vinny is daredevil enough to take a classic cafe racer and turn it into a dirt-slinging, power-sliding monster. We love what he has done with the Continental GT 650 and applaud the creativity delivered on and off the racetrack.


Malcolm Jarrett

Modified Himalayan Flat Tracker


Mal, also known as Moto Dad, is known throughout the motorcycle industry, has dedicated his entire career to the two-wheeled machines we love most. This doesn’t make him old, but rather experienced – which was evident on the track. Not only is Moto Dad a gun on the track, but he lives the Royal Enfield ethos of “Made Like a Gun.”


One Ride is set to go for 2023!

Celebrate “Pure Motorcycling” with other Royal Enfield owners and local Royal Enfield dealers by taking part in this year’s One Ride Global Event on September 17th 2023. The ride typically lasts for 1 to 2 hours and is a true celebration of these magnificent machines. To join the One Ride event, simply complete the registration form using the link below.



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