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Royal Enfield Rides Wild at Dust Hustle 15

Hold onto your helmets because the 15th edition of Dust Hustle revved up, and Royal Enfield Australia was there to unleash the thunder on the dirt! This wasn’t your regular Sunday ride – it was the biggest dust fiesta this side of Christmas, and we had the throttle wide open.

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Royal Enfield Crew

One might instinctively envision a gathering of customized Himalayan and Scram motorcycles thriving in such an environment, and indeed, that assumption holds true. Nevertheless, there were riders among us who opted to showcase the resilience of our adapted Continental GT 650 and Interceptor 650 models.

The Big Dance at Mick Doohan Raceway

On November 18th, our Royal Enfield riders tore it up at the Mick Doohan Raceway for a pro flat dirt track extravaganza. It was a day of dust, adrenaline, and sideways action that left everyone on their seats.

Mayhem on Two Wheels

Picture this: grown adults dressed in outrageous costumes, sliding around on two wheels, creating chaos and leaving a trail of dust in their wake. Dust Hustle was where the unconventional met the extraordinary. With two tracks and four classes, our Royal Enfield riders brought mayhem to the dirt.

Inappropriate Flat Track Warriors

We wrangled up 5 of the most inappropriate flat track warriors riding Royal Enfield machines, and they showed off their skills on the pro-level flat track. The rider spots were limited, but our Royal Enfield riders secured their places, and it was indeed a day to remember.

Live Entertainment and After Track DJ’s

The excitement didn’t stop when the bikes did. Dust Hustle 15 delivered an evening of live entertainment and after-track DJ sets, ensuring attendees got the perfect soundtrack to their day of dust and debauchery.

Food, Drinks, and Young Henry’s Legends

Feeling peckish? Fear not! Dust Hustle had everyone covered with loads of food trucks to satisfy cravings. And to keep everyone well-hydrated, the legends from Young Henry’s were on-site, serving up their finest brews. It was a party on two wheels, and we had the perfect recipe for an unforgettable day.

More Than Just a Race

Dust Hustle wasn’t just a race; it was a celebration of the spirit of motorcycling. From new riders to ex-GP pros, everyone was welcome to join the fun. It was less serious, and more fun – an event that embraced the passion for riding, crazy bike builds, and wacky get-ups.

Dust Hustle Bike Rundown with Josh Farrell

Josh Farrell

Modified Interceptor 650


Josh has been in the saddle of motorcycles since he was practically a babe in arms, manoeuvring through dirt trails before he took his first steps. As the proud owner of an equestrian farm, Josh seamlessly integrates his daily rides between paddocks and stables to hone his skills in a repertoire of stunts—wheelies, endos, jumps, skids and slides. Little surprise, then, that he’s rightfully crowned as the reigning monarch of the dirt, earning the title of Dirt King 👑


John Farrell

Modified Himalayan Flat Tracker


Curious about the origins of Josh’s remarkable skills? Well, the secret is out—it’s all thanks to his dad, John Farrell. John, a seasoned and benevolent dirt racer, has been the guiding force behind Josh’s prowess. Always ready to extend a helping hand, John not only shares his wealth of experience but also actively participated in this year’s Dust Hustle, eager to impart his dirt racing expertise to the younger generation of riders.


Jacinta Siracusa

Modified Scram 411


Known as “Moto Doll” in the online realm, Jacinta fearlessly embraces her distinctive identity and revels in kicking up some dirt on the race track whenever the opportunity arises. Her unyielding pursuit of new adventures not only defines her spirit but also sets a compelling example for others to trailblase their own paths.


Vincent Brosnan

Modified Continental GT 650


Similar to Josh, Vinny’s motorcycle journey began before he could even take his first steps. Brimming with fearless confidence, Vinny is a daredevil who takes a classic cafe racer and transforms it into a dirt-slinging, power-sliding monster. We can’t help but admire his ingenuity, especially in the way he’s reshaped the Continental GT 650. Here’s to applauding the creativity that Vinny unleashes both on and off the racetrack.


Malcolm Jarrett

Modified Himalayan Flat Tracker


Mal, also known as Mono Mal, stands as a revered figure in the motorcycle industry, dedicating his entire career to the two-wheeled machines we hold dear. Far from being labelled as old, Mal is rightfully adorned with the badge of experience—a quality that shines through on the track. Beyond showcasing his prowess as a true maestro on the racetrack, Moto Dad lives and breathes the Royal Enfield ethos of “Made Like a Gun.”



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