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Meteor 350, Bullet 500, Classic 500

Royal Enfield has discovered a defect in one of the parts used across some of the motorcycle models that we manufacture and sell. The defect is in the ignition coil that can cause misfiring, reduced vehicle performance and in rare cases, an electric short circuit.

The defect was discovered during routine internal testing and the issue has been clearly identified and isolated to specific batches of material sourced from our external supplier between December 2020 and April 2021. While the issue is rare and does not impact all motorcycles manufactured during the above mentioned period, in keeping with safety regulations and as a precautionary measure, Royal Enfield has decided to undertake a proactive, company-initiated recall of select motorcycles models produced in the above
mentioned time period.

In the Asia Pacific region, the company will be calling in close to 190 motorcycles of the Classic, Bullet and Meteor 350 models. Of these, the company will call in Meteor motorcycles manufactured and sold between December 2020 and April 2021, and the Bullet and Classic manufactured and sold between January and April 2021. These motorcycles will undergo inspection and replacement of the said defective part, if required. We estimate that less than 10% of these motorcycles will require replacement of the part.

This proactive recall action will be applicable to Meteor, Classic and Bullet model motorcycles sold in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, between respective time periods mentioned above.

Royal Enfield Asia Pacific Distributors and/or local dealerships will reach out to consumers whose motorcycle Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number falls within the manufacturing period mentioned above. Consumers can also proactively reach out to their local Royal Enfield Workshops.

We would like to reiterate that we have very stringent sourcing protocols and that all our motorcycles are rigorously tested to global validation standards of quality and durability. The safety of our riders is of prime importance to us at Royal Enfield and we are deeply committed to the duty of care to all our customers. We are committed to swiftly implement the recall action, and
customers will be proactively contacted through respective local dealerships.

For further information, please contact Royal Enfield Australia.