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Meteor 650 cruiser – prestigious Bike of the Year award 2024

The Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 cruiser has secured the prestigious Bike of the Year award, marking a triumph for the renowned manufacturer in the world of two-wheelers. With its retro-original aesthetic and attractive pricing ranging from RRP $12,490 inc. GST to RRP $13,090 inc. GST

Depending on colour choice, the Super Meteor 650 presents itself as a compelling option for riders. Sporting a learner-legal twin engine with ABS, this cruiser offers a no-frills yet exhilarating riding experience.

Underneath its classic facade lies a robust 35kW/52Nm 650 parallel twin engine, derived from the Continental/Interceptor models, tuned to deliver enhanced low-rev performance, ideal for urban cruising. The bike boasts excellent vibration control and impressive fuel efficiency, clocking in at around 4L/100km. Its lightweight six-speed transmission ensures smooth gear shifts, complemented by a new chassis and suspension setup featuring Showa USD forks and ample travel, resulting in a comfortable and confidence-inspiring ride. Notably, the Super Meteor 650 excels in handling and ground clearance, making it a versatile choice for both city streets and long-distance journeys.

Royal Enfield’s success with the Super Meteor 650 is further underscored by its status as the best-selling new road bike in New Zealand for the past two months. This popularity is attributed to the enduring appeal of cruisers in the market, coupled with the exceptional value proposition offered by the Super Meteor 650 and its sibling models. As demand continues to surge, fueled by the scarcity of comparable middleweight cruisers, the Super Meteor 650 stands out as an accessible option for riders seeking a blend of performance, style, and affordability.

To delve deeper into the Super Meteor 650’s accolades and features, we invite you to read the full article on AutoCar New Zealand’s website.

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